Project Leader: Yasuko Takezawa

Study Groups 1. Comparative Study of “Invisible Race”

Leaders: Ayako Saito and Yasuko Takezawa

This group aims to examine “non-visual representation” of “invisible race”, such as the discourse of blood,
in Japan and other Asian countries from a comparative perspective.

2. Scientific Representation of Race

Leaders: Kazuto Kato and Toru Sakano

This group aims to critically examine how science has contributed to construct race as biological and social reality, influencing the formation of social policy. It also tackles with contemporary issues and makes
policy recommendation.

3. Comparative Study of Representation of “Mixed Race”

Leaders:Kohei Kawashima and Yasuko Takezawa

This group aims to comparatively examine representations of “mixed race” in Japan where the myth of pure blood has been dominant.

4. Racial Representation of Japanese-Americans

Leaders: Yasuko Takezawa and Gary Okihiro

This group, which consists of researchers in Japan and the U.S., aims to examine racial representations of Japanese-Americans and the ways in which they themselves have resisted such representations.

5. Interface of Humanities and Genomics

Leaders: Hiroki Oota, Yasuko Takezawa and Kazuto Kato

This group aims to critically examine the issues of population descriptors in genetic studies and biomedicine and make policy recommendations. Through integrating science and humanities, it also aims to deepen
our understandings on minority groups in Japan such as “Okinawans” and “Ainu”.

6. Crossing Boundaries

Leader: Wataru Kusaka

This group organizes a series of workshops on the theme of “representation of difference” and “crossing boundaries”, bringing together early career researchers across disciplinary boundaries. By doing so,
it also fosters early career researchers’ interdisciplinarity.