International Symposium “Trans-Pacific Japanese Diaspora Art” (December 8, at Kyoto Academia Forum)

artwork by: Yoshirei Shin

International symposium “Trans-Pacific Japanese Diaspora Art: Encountering and Envisioning Minor-Transnationalism” was held at Kyoto Academia Forum in Marunouchi.

International symposium “Trans-Pacific Japanese Diaspora Art: Encountering and Envisioning Minor-Transnationalism”
Date: December 8, 2018
From 10 to 17:30
Location: Kyoto Academia Forum in Marunouchi
Organizers:Yasuko Takezawa (Kyoto University) and Laura Kina (Depaul University)
Sponsored by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) “Integrated Research into the Processes and Mechanisms of Racialization,” Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of Japanese immigration to Hawai’i, and the 110th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil. This symposium will focus on the “minor transnationalisms” found in the art of the Japanese diaspora around the Pacific Rim. Until now, Nikkei history and art have largely centered on the “vertical” relationship between those of Japanese descent and dominant society, but “horizontal” relationships independent of mainstream society have also produced minority cultures born of diverse transnational encounters. This program focuses attention on Nikkei artists whose work has been inspired by encounters/contact between minority groups, including indigenous peoples, those of African descent, those of non-Japanese Asian descent; and those working within transoceanic Okinawan and Zainichi Korean networks.


  • Opening remarks [10:00–10:15]
    Yasuko Takezawa (Kyoto University), Laura Kina (Depaul University)
  • Keynote Speaker 1: Yong Soon Min(University of California, Irvine) [10:15–10:50]
     “Flows and Intersections in the Transnational, the Postcolonial and the Multicultural for the artist, Fung Sok Ro”
  • Speaker 2: Valerie Matsumoto(University of California, Los Angeles) [10:50–11:20]
     “The Principled Journey of Artist and Activist Mitsu Yashima”
  • Speaker 3: Megumi Kitahara(Osaka University) [11:20–11:50]
     ““Japanese” Artist, TANIGUCHI Fumie (1910-2001): What is “Trans-” for Her?”
  • Q&A [11:50–12:10]
    Moderator & Commentator: Reiko Kokatsu (Kyoto University of Art and Design (Part-time lecturer))
  • Lunch (70min) [12:10–01:20]
  • Speaker 4: Rebecca Jennison(Kyoto Seika University) [01:20–01:50]
     “Contact Zones and Liminal Spaces in Recent works by Yamashiro Chikako and Soni Kum”
  • Speaker 5: Laura Kina(Depaul University) [01:50–02:20]
     “Ancestral Cartography: Transpacific Interchanges and Okinawan Indigeneity”
  • Q&A [02:20–02:35]
    Moderator & Commentator: Gayle K. Sato (Meiji University)
  • Brief Break [02:35–02:50]
  • Speaker 6: Michiko Okano(Federal University of São Paulo) [02:50–03:20]
     “Transnational perspectives of Nippo-Brazilian artists: Kenzi Shiokava and Sachiko Koshikoku”
  • Speaker 7: Yasuko Takezawa(Kyoto University) [03:20–03:50]
     “Post-WWII and Post-9/11: Major/Minor Transnationalism in Yoko Inoue’s Works”
  • Q&A [03:50–04:05]
    Moderator & Commentator: Izumi Nakajima (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Brief Break [04:05–04:20]
  • Discussion [04:20–05:25]
    Commentators: Mami Kataoka (Mori Museum), Lon Kurashige (University of Southern California)
  • Closing Remarks [05:25–05:30]

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