International Seminar “Racialization: Multiple Modalities of (In)Visibility” (November 16, at Kyoto)

artwork by: Yoshirei Shin

International Seminar “Racialization: Multiple Modalities of (In)Visibility” was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto.

International Seminar “Racialization: Multiple Modalities of (In)Visibility”

Date: November 16, 2019 (Sat) 13:30-17:00

Location: Campus Plaza Kyoto, Conference Room 1 (2nd floor) (across from Bic Camera JR Kyoto Station)

Language: English
Participation is free. No registration required.

Sponsored by: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) “Integrated Research into the Processes and Mechanisms of Racialization,” & Collaborative Research “Chain Reactions and Transformations in the Meanings of Racism in Asia,” Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University, Japan.
Tel: 075-753-6902


  • Opening remarks [13:30-13:40]
    Yasuko Takezawa (Kyoto University)
  • Lecture 1 [13:40-14:10]
    Angéla Kóczé (Central European University)
    Invisible Racialization of Roma: Articulation, Oppression, and Structural Violence
  • Lecture 2 [14:10-14:40]
    Sharmani Patricia Gabriel (University of Malaya)
    “Race”, Racialization, and Multiracialism in Contemporary Malaysia: Toward Post-Racial Futures?
  • Lecture 3 [14:40-15:10]
    Faye V. Harrison (University of Illinois, ex-president of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES))
    The International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024): A Transnational Terrain for Antiracist Affirmations that Black Lives Matter
  • Break [15:10-15:25]
  • Comment 1 [15:25-15:40]
    Lyle De Souza (Kyoto University)
  • Comment 2 [15:40-15:55]
    Akio Tanabe (University of Tokyo)
  • Discussion [15:55-17:00]
  • Dinner party [17:30-19:30]
  • Chairperson: Yu Tokunaga (Kyoto University)

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